As a player, Pianola gives you an insight into your performance to help you improve your game. It gives a personal results history plotted on a graph with your current average calculated automatically. It also provides a performance analysis with different partners and in each role whether declarer, defender or even dummy. 
As soon as the results and hands are uploaded, you will receive automatically an email with your final score, ranking and a breakdown of your performance. Each pair has a personal scorecard showing a full breakdown of performance on each board. There is also a page by page analysis of each board, showing optimum makeable contracts, your ranking on this board and details of contracts bid and made (or lost) by other players. A further page shows the hands on each board. 

Pianola Plus

This is a set of additional tools that will help you improve your game. Detailed information about your strengths and weaknesses is shown and you can replay any hand with card - by- card guidance. 
You can try Pianola Plus FREE of charge for 30 days with no obligation to buy and no credit card requirement up front. After the trial the charge is £5 pcm or £42 pa.

Pianola Play

Pianola Play is an ONLINE session only - similar to Friday Friends with Oliver Cowan. 
We could set up a session where players use their real names and profile pictures. It's simple to access, all the clubs games are private, it's free for the club and players and it automatically generates a results file to upload to Pianola.

It's a perfect solution when face to face bridge is not an option. 

Pianola Play Hybrid

Hybrid games include face to face players in the club with online players. Just like a two section game in the club, everyone will play the same boards, with results scored across the field and visible to everyone in real time. The club will continue to use Bridgemates and the others will use Pianola Play. All the results will merge and the clubs scoring program will compile the results from both sections and generate the final scores in the same file format as any normal club game.

Hybrid games will incur a small additional charge.

This is an exciting development and could provide a completely new way of running a fully inclusive bridge session. 

Watch this space!

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